Our Process

Once the stones and minerals are hand selected, they are hammered (or hand crushed) into small fragments.
The small fragments are placed in a pestal and mortal and slowly ground into a course powder.
Depending on how light and fine we want each pigment type, they are tumbled for a certain duration with cement pieces to create a finer powder. This powder is then strained with water into a jar and left to separate the pure pigment from the dust and dirt.
This now finer and more pure powder is then tumbled again with smaller cement pieces to make the most fine natural powder.
One last time this powder is strained to separate the dust and debris from the pigment. Then once the pigment is settled, the water is poured out and we are now left with only the finest natural pigment.
Each piece of jewelry is then created by using non-toxic resin hand mixed with the pure natural pigment and hand placed in each frame. After the non-toxic resin dries, we carefully add additional layers of resin, sealing in the depth and natural beauty of each piece.