Dream broadway bound earrings
Dream broadway bound earrings
Dream broadway bound earrings
Dream broadway bound earrings
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Each Hadestown inspired pair of earrings is uniquely one of a kind. Infused with our hand extracted pigment and natural dried flowers. These earrings will not be perfectly smooth on top due to the natural curves and edges on the flowers. But they are well preserved encased in the resin. 
Our Story

Our Story

Her Narrative: Violet and Vines is for established and emerging leaders. The women wearing Violet and Vines savors the new and off beat. Our pieces compliment the lives of the high end creative, and the innovators who are constantly in motion, taking on the world around them. Violet and Vines, with our uniquely extracted pigment and hand crafted resin and pigment mixing, helps you to take charge in style without skipping a beat.
Mission Statement

We believe in:

  1. Hand extracting the most beautiful pigments from the nature around us.
  2. Attentive Process. Upholding quality and unique detail in each hand-mixed resin and pigment piece.
  3. Creating jewelry that flows with your world, never allowing you to miss a beat.


Our Standard
  1. Violet and Vines jewelry is hand-crafted, always using the most organic pigments that are extracted from stones, minerals, and other natural elements around us.
  2. Each pigment is ground by hand, then tumbled and strained in multiple phases over the next 48 hours. It is then left to properly dry, bringing out the truest and most pure pigment color.
  3. Every piece is hand mixed and placed in multiple non-toxic resin layers, making sure no detail is overlooked.


We Believe in women innovators and experiencers, emerging leaders who enact change, and value the natural world around us. We believe each piece we create should be unique, and flow into your lifestyle. Our extracted pigment pieces add a subtle statement for every occasion and bring a boldness to support you reaching all of your visions and goals.

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