Naturally beautiful pigments

by Meghan Inlow on August 22, 2020  in Pigments

    We wear jewelry for so many reasons.  We use it as a form of self expression, we use jewelry as a form of wearable are, and as a way to complete and outfit. Michael Kors says it best, “ I’ve always thought of accessories as the exclamation point of a woman’s  outfit.” 
    Natural pigment has long been a part of this process. Different pigments and colors from natural sources, rocks, minerals, and plants  were often used in jewelry to show rank and royalty.  Over the years, we have gradually been drawn away from the natural forms of pigments and drawn to more of the vibrant and synthetic colors. Naturally beautiful earthen pigments have been overlooked.                             
    As a company, we have gone back to basics and simplicity.        
Extracting beautiful, pure pigments from our favorite rocks and minerals. We have uncovered gorgeous grays and blues from Lapis Lazuli, to Chrysoccola green, to Anthracite Coal black (which we hand picked from the woodlands in North East PA), to pink agate. The natural minerals we use to make our pigments for our subtle statement pieces, are environmentally friendly, sustainable, and timeless.  

With love,


Designer and creator, Violet and Vines     

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